Topcliffe Primary, Castle Vale Birmignham take on the Christmas Card Challenge

Six of our ambassadors supported an Enterprise Day held at the University of Birmingham run by Enabling Enterprise and the university's Outreach team. Before Mike Zatyka, from Enabling Enterprise, welcomed Year 5 students from Topcliffe School in Castle Vale, he met up with the STEM Ambassadors who volunteered to support the students. With many current and former students as well as some guests from industry making up the volunteer team, it was clear the students would get a crash course in what Higher Education was all about.

After a snappy warm-up game, students settled down for a welcome and introduction to university. Catherine from the Outreach Team wowed the students with number of subjects you could study, the 2.7 million books in the library and the exciting Harry Potter Society. With the students suitably impressed and having quizzed our STEM volunteers about their roles and skills, it was time to dive head first into the challenge...

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