Kingsford Community School Post 16 Careers Evening

As part of Thames Water’s (and therefore Morgan Sindall’s) stakeholder engagement process, professionals are encouraged to visit schools within certain catchment areas to help carry out events similar to those run by STEM Ambassadors.


I received an email from Jane Lees at MVB who has been helping to organize some of these events. She said she heard that I had been involved in STEM events and asked if I would be interested in attending a post 16 careers evening at Kingsford Community School in East London.


I did some research into possible routes to becoming a Civil Engineer to make sure I didn’t just offer my own. The Institution of Civil Engineers website was very useful in this area. I printed off some flow diagrams to help me describe these and some photos and drawings to help demonstrate the work I was involved with at Lee Tunnel.


Many of the students didn’t have much of an idea what was involved in engineering and construction but most were happy to find out. I found a lot of them wanted to become Electrical, Mechanical and Civil Engineers through an apprenticeship route to which I offered advice and sources of further information.


One student at the end of the 2 hour event took a real interest in becoming a Civil Engineer. He had started to look in to the requirements for grades. I gave him some information on what I thought his best options were (he was lucky enough to have a lot due to his high grades) and told him to look into JBM accredited university courses and what their entry requirements are. From there he would be able to assess what A-levels and therefore what GCSE grades he might need.


While most of the students were interested in what the colleges had to offer I was happy to see many of them approach my table and ask questions. The year 11 students of Kingsford Community School were enthusiastic and friendly.


I received some of the following feedback from the event...


“...big thank you to Chris for attending our very successful Careers event last night. The students have given us feedback this morning that they were very pleased with the range of careers stands on offer, including the information and advice Chris gave” (Natalie Hyacinth, Kingsford Community School)


“Many thanks for attending the careers event and doing such an evidently good job” (Alan J Barker, Deputy Project Director, MVB JV)