Inspire Space Primary School Project – throughout Derbyshire

Date Submitted
11 February 2013
Age of Students
7 to 11
Group Size
Date of Event

Ongoing project, starting in February 2013

Number of Ambasssdors Needed
Involved School, Colleges and Organisations

There are over 100 Primary Schools in Drerbyshire taking part from High Peak to Swadlincote

The Project is designed to stimulate, engage and excite learners with infinite possibilities of the Universe and the wonders of Space exploration. Schools will use the popular topic of Space as a vehicle to improve engagement, participation and attainment in Science, Maths and Technology. Another aim is to promote life skills and careers related learning through partnerships with those working in industry.
The project ideally lends itself to working with scientists and other professionals in the classroom to enhance learning and develop the children’s aspirations for a range of careers. Schools would love to hear from STEM Ambassadors to explore how you could help them .As well as learning about the solar system ,astronomy, gravity , forces, rockets , astronaut training , etc pupils will be going to visit CERN in Geneva, so there are lots of links and areas to cover! Please get in touch if you feel you can offer something great or small